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WTF? No Thanks!

First of all, I really want to say that moving here from Blogspot was the best thing I ever did.  I really appreciate the services that WordPress offers, and I wouldn’t change blogging platforms for anything.

I realize that as they provide free service (and I use the free service) that they have to make money somehow to pay the bills.  Today I saw the most amusing advertisement when I called up my blog stats today.  I had to take a screenshot and show it to you.


Ummm… WTF?

Nah, I think I’ll keep my current name.  Thanks anyway WordPress people!  (Repetition — even though I have no idea why it’s in the URL — isn’t even spelled right!)

And the scariest part is… gweedosplace.com is available!  (Don’t worry, I have no intentions of buying it, so don’t get any bright ideas!)


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victim2I’m allowed to do this once in a while, right?  Heck, I know some WoW bloggers who blog about their personal lives far more than I do.  Consider this the exception and not the rule.

I have — the last few days — been very sick.  Yesterday morning I woke up and could barely speak.  Thursday mornings I have to work in a very loud work environment and I knew it was going to be a very challenging day — and it was.

I stopped at the doctor on the way home and had him look down my throat.  I could tell by the flinch it wasn’t good.  “You have a very bad case of viral laryngitis.  If you can take a day of bed rest, I would, and don’t talk any more than you have to”, he told me.  I was shocked.  I’d never heard of a bed rest prescription for laryngitis.  It seemed a little extreme, but I agreed I would “take it easy”.

I got home and discovered I was “flying solo” for dinner.  Rather than put effort into making dinner (since I felt like re-fried crap to begin with) I decided to just go to Subway and grab a sandwich and come home and play a little World of Warcraft.

I hopped in my car and drove to the Subway which is about three minutes from my house.  I walked in, and (fortunately) there were no other customers in the store.  The employees seemed to have picked up on this fact and had taken the opportunity to crank the music a little louder than the operations manual may have indicated.

I proceeded to the counter and recited my order across the glass barrier.  At this point, my voice had gone from “bad” to nearly non-existant.  The young college-aged girl behind the counter squinted and leaned over the counter a little bit and asked me to repeat myself.

So I did.

“What’s wrong with you?”, she asked.  “I can see your mouth moving, but I can’t hear a word you’re saying.”

I wanted to jump the counter and just turn down the music.  I was tired, sick, and beginning to get embarassed.  Subsequently, I was also starting to get pissed off.  Have you ever… in a moment of anger or an adrenaline rush gotten words mixed up?  I did.  And how.

I scowled slightly and took the deepest breath I could muster to “push” the volume as far as my larynx would allow it to go.  “I HAVE VAGINAL LARYNGITIS!”, I exclaimed.

I didn’t even realize what I’d said until the poor girl’s eyes swelled to a size larger than the tomatos she would later add to my cold cut combo.  I stared at her for a second trying to ascertain the cause of her fright when the “instant replay” dutifully played in my head and my eyes soon matched hers.

Without a word of a lie, the other young lady who was doing prep work in the kitchen stuck her head around the corner and commented “You know… I think I had that last summer!”, at which point the girl behind the counter exploded in laughter and I… well… tried to… as I tried to “de-redden” my face.

“Would would you like on your sandwich?”, she asked with a smirk.  (By now, the music was off.)

“Viral tomatos… viral onions… viral green peppers… both kinds of viral olives…”, I replied weakly.

I’ll be really happy when this laryngitis is completely gone.

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picture-21I’ve had a few problems with the Mac client this week.  One of them was nearly fatal.  I want to make this blog post in the hopes of helping other people who may be faced with the same situation(s) and not know how to handle it.

The Downloader

(This actually applies to Windows too, I think.)   Have you noticed all the talk about Patch 3.1?  Were you like me and wondering what all the commotion was about 3.1 pre-downloading and wondering when it was going to start for you?  I was sure confused.  None of that stuff ever pre-downloads for me, and yesterday I found out why.  There are two executables in your World of Warcraft folder.  One is called “World of Warcraft” and one is called “World Of Warcraft Launcher”.  While dragging “World Of Warcraft” to your dock will work (and bypass the stupid news screen) it won’t launch the Blizzard Downloader when you’re done so that it pre-downloads the bulk of the 3.1 patch.  You know… the news screen isn’t that annoying.  You might just want to switch the icon on your dock.

File Corruption

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found the Mac client to be a lot more fragile than the Windows client.  It seems to be easier for files to get corrupted resulting in the game refusing to load.  I’ve now had this problem twice in two to three months.  Re-installing from scratch is no fun and there are a couple of things you can do to minimize the pain.

  1. Make a backup, independant of Time Machine. It’s best to do this when you have just done a clean install, but you can do it anytime you have a “working” copy of WoW.  It’s so easy to do on a Mac. If you have an external hard drive, just drag your whole WoW folder to the external drive so you have a backup copy if anything goes south.  You should do this independantly of Time Machine so you have a second tier of protection.  Do not depend on Time Machine by itself. Hard drives and USB enclosures are cheap and one of the best investments you can make.  If you don’t have an external drive, please take the time to backup your WoW installation to series of DVD’s.  It is much faster to restore the files uncompressed from backup DVD’s than it is to install them from the installation DVD’s and then have to apply all the patches.
  2. Use Time Machine as well. Time Machine saved my bacon this week.  When things went south on Sunday, I restored the WTF folder from Friday.  It took about fifteen minutes.  That’s a lot faster than doing a complete re-install.

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dumpster-diving-cowsLately I’ve gone on a bit of a PvP kick.  It’s really been an exciting experience for me because I don’t PvP a lot, and the character I’ve chosen to go on this adventure with is my discipline priest, which is the class I know how to play the least.

He’s not a twink by any stretch of the imagination, but I like to think I have a half-decent clue of what I’m doing.  I’ve also found that battlegrounds are always short healers, so I figure any help is good help.

Having said that, I would say that about 95% of the battlegrounds I’ve run in the last two weeks have concluded with Wetnap being #1 in the healing chart.  (Although I should admit that in many of those, he was also the only healer.)  I don’t go there to score huge amounts of honour, or produce massive DPS or a trillion honourable kills.  I go there to support my team.  I go to buff.  I go to help.  I go to keep the Alliance from dieing more than they need to.  Judging from the numbers, I would say that I succeed a good percentage of the time.  Nothing feels better than defending a flag when an assault group comes in and keeping your friends safe.

The thing that bothers me about PvP are the wannabee raid leaders.  They usually follow the same pattern every time.  First they enter the battleground and issue orders while they’re waiting for the gates to open.  Second, nobody follows the orders.  The rest of the battleground is subsequently spent QQ’ing on the team and telling them how much they “suck” in the most graphic language possible and encouraging people to either leave the battleground or “just die and let them win” — because they’re upset that the team wouldn’t play by their strategy.

I had a real winner yesterday.  And I suppose it should be expected because it’s March Break in most parts of North America.  I joined the battleground as a replacement for someone who left.  The Arathi Basin was already 1400/360 or thereabouts.  We were getting hammered big time, and this little dufus of a priest started the crocodile QQ tears.  I couldn’t believe he had the audacity to call me out by name!   He proceeded to tell me how my healing was inadequate, and how I was being beat by a HUNTER etc etc…

Ok… I’d been in the battleground for a sum total of 20 seconds.  They’d probably been fighting for maybe ten minutes, and this idiot was going off on my head because some huntard who had more mana than sense was spamming heal pet and blowing a ton of bandages.

You can’t very well leave the battleground chat.  Well, you could but then you might miss a legitimate instruction from a helpful player.

I wish there was a solution.  I guess /ignore works.  It’s just such a freakin’ shame.

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