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upsSo the joke going around the server these days is…

“Did you hear that UPS and Blizzard-Activision merged?”

After the obligatory pregnant pause, the punch line is…

“Yeah.  Their new slogan is:  What can Blizz screw for you?”

Ok, maybe I started the joke, but I feel victimized!

It may come as a shock (or unknown tidbit) to some of you, but I have a priest.  His name is Wetnap.  Since his very beginnings he has almost always been Discipline spec.  Why?  For one thing I always like the road less travelled.  For another thing, I just thought that Discipline was just way cool.  Keyword:  Was.

Yes, I’m going to go on a rant.  Fasten your seatbelts.

One of the biggest reasons I took Discipline from the start was because of wand specialization.  Point and laugh all you want, but a young priest’s #1 friend is a good wand.  Five points in wand specialization and a half decent wand and you’re well on your way to grinding through the boring lower levels in record time.  They took that talent away from us.  It no longer exists.

Then there was the “old” Power Word: Shield.  Any Discipline priest who has been in a battleground knows this was one of our most-requested buffs.   It was awesome for flag carriers in Warsong Gulch because not only would it protect them but it would also heal them as well.  They nerfed the begeezus out of that one.  The healing effect was removed.  Thanks.  No really.  Thanks.

I feel a few f-bombs coming, so maybe I’d better stick a break in here.



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