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The prodigal dwarf has returned.  Maybe.

A few months ago I made a couple of characters on Lightbringer in-a-sense to follow some friends of mine who had emigrated from Bloodhoof to Lightbringer.  Things didn’t go great with their guild, and I ended up in another social guild that has turned into Romper Room.  I love the core people, but it’s one of those guilds where the only requirement for an invite is a pulse and guild chat is driving me freaking insane.  As of last night, they were very close to the 800 member hard cap, but with only about 80 accounts.  Not that I have an issue with alts because I have a ton of them myself, but that’s a really high ratio.

So last night — on a whim — I asked my better half what she would think about moving back to Bloodhoof.  We still have the remnants of the guild (and it’s bank) there, and all of our characters we made on Bloodhoof are still there.  Then I got thinking… I hadn’t even touched the new Cataclysm questing zones because I was too busy levelling my new characters on Lightbringer.  We fired up my shaman and settled down over dinner and hit the underwater zone I forget the name of.  I think I made about 400g in two and a half hours.  That’s insane!  Seems that you make a lot more money questing than doing instances.  I ran the first two Cataclysm instances and didn’t make a ton of cash, but got a lot of gear.  I think my elemental shaman’s spell crit is somewhere around 32% now.  That’s just sick… compared to what it was anyway.

So I think we’re going to fart around on Bloodhoof for a while.  After all… why re-invent the wheel.  We don’t have the cash to transfer our Bloodhoof toons to Lightbringer, but we might bring one or two of the Lightbringer toons back to Bloodhoof.

Look for me to blog more.  Heh… I’ve said that before haven’t I?


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