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First of all, let’s review Gweedo’s #1 Rule of World of Warcraft.  You all know what it is.  Let’s repeat it together.

“Greed and laziness are the the two constants of World of Warcraft.

Thank you class, you may sit down.

Why Undercutters Need To Die

It’s not the undercutters faults.  They have two things stacked against them and they are — you guessed it — laziness and greed.  Laziness because they’re too lazy to price their auctions themselves and they use an addon with the default settings.  And greed because they want to sell their items quickly instead of at the price that is good for the server and the other vendors on it.

I play the markets in WoW.  A lot.  My wife saw me handling, shall we say, “a large quantity” of coarse stone about an hour ago and her eyes just about bugged out of her head.  The market price had gotten too low because of idiots with addons and no brains.  Way too low.  It was getting to the point where the “market value” was almost approaching vendor price.  So I did what any self-respecting entrepreneur with a fat wallet would do.  I bought the whole damn market.

And This Is Why I Love Undercutters

I bought the entire market.  Over 500 pieces.  For less than 4 gold.  I inflated the price to what I thought was more “realistic” and re-posted the whole lot.  If I sell a quarter of it before the market deflates again, I’ve gotten my money back and then some.

What I want to emphasize to the people playing this game is that end-users are not the only buyers on the market.  People — like me — buy large quantities of stuff all the time.  If you sell your stuff for too low a price, you are putting money in the hands of people who are smarter than you who will derive profit from your work and spend almost none of their money to do it.  In short, it makes you a farking moron.

I’m not saying you should be expected to name prices on-the-fly for every auction you post.  But once in a while, would it hurt to post your prices at par with other vendors?

There’s enough gold in them thar hills for everybody.

Trust me.


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