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So last night, I was out in Westfall levelling my paladin when a Horde party rolls through and starts playing “Let’s grief the Aliance”.  On my paladin I wasn’t too motivated to get into the fight (because I didn’t know what level they were), so I just stood and watched them get ganked by the flight master’s pets.  I thought nothing more of it, and after getting a good laugh out of it, I went to bed.

This morning I decided to get another half-hour with the paladin in before work, and was back in the same spot.  And what to my wondrous eyes should appear, but the same Tauren from the night before.  But this morning, he didn’t have his group of buddies with him.  I was killing the Defias Trappers when I saw the “Sentinel Hill is under attack” alert and wondered who in their right mind would be mounting an assault on Sentinel Hill at 7:30 am ET.

Again, he was pulling everything in sight and as-many-at-a-time as he could.  I looked around, I didn’t see his friends.  I announced in local defense I was going to get my rogue, and asked them to “keep him busy”.

I logged Gweedo (who was on the Isle), blew his teleport scroll, ran through Stormwind, hopped the bird, and managed to get to Westfall in about three minutes total.  He was still there.  I was shocked he was only Level 58.  He must have heard “the rogue noise” because I know I spooked him.  He was looking all around.  No matter.  Shadowstep, Cheap Shot, Backstab, Shiv, Shiv, Kidney— whoops… you’re dead.  So sorry.

As the locals were gathering around and doing the /point and /laugh dance, I got the real shocker of the day.  I got a message from the Tauren who was two-boxing a Draenei warrior.

“Can you please not kill me?  I want to kill the mage.”

I looked around.  There was a draenei mage standing there.  I relayed the message.  He was shocked.

I replied “If you wanted to kill the mage, you should have done that first before you went on a griefing spree and killed half the NPC’s in the town” and put him on ignore.

What I don’t get is people who think that “free-range PVP” on a PVE server is a legitimate pastime.  If you wanna PVP, go to a PVP server, or go to a BG.  All you’re doing by raising a ruckus in the starter zones is causing grief.

Congratulations Mr. Cow (whose name I can’t remember).  YOU are the recipient of Amateur Stupidity Scholarship #001.


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