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I didn’t move the blog.  Relax.  Seems only a few weeks ago we were suffering on Blogspot.  Those days are over, and despite the spammy mouseover links, I’m happy here and not going anywhere.


My server transfer has finally happened.  Gweedo and Nenianae are now Bloodhoof residents and members of the Council of the Sword.

Maybe I’ll bring more over later, but for now “the rest of the herd” are still on Gnomeregan and I may pop over there from time to time if I need a vacation.

Having said that, I’m really enjoying my time on Bloodhoof and if you’re looking for a “good home” for your characters, I can think of no better place than where I am!


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Yo!  Cow people!  Put down your Brutal Gladiator’s Hacker!

Gnomes!  Lay down your Wand of Cleansing Light!

A world exists beyond the plains of the Barrens and the ancient cities of Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and Silvermoon City and it needs our help, right now.

One of the greatest smaller cities in North America has been devastated by Hurricane Gustav.  Watch this video (that wordpress.com, for some reason won’t let me embed) from a pastor (who is “a friend of a friend”) who operates a church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

How can you help?  I’m so glad you asked.

  1. Buy tarps!   When you’re talking about covering a house the rule is “the bigger the better”.  Why not go to tarpsplus.com and look around.  Or if you think you can get them cheaper locally go for it, but why not just buy them from somebody who will ship them for you?
  2. Send the tarps to:

Healing Place Church
19202 Highland Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

This is not a time to make this a faction issue or even a church or religion issue.  With some people in the outer environs of Baton Rouge being without power for 4-6 weeks, we all need to give up a few cups of coffee and pay it forward.

I thank you for allowing me to “shift gears” for a few minutes.  Let’s show the world who “gamers” really are.

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Blinkstrike On Steroids

Apologies to those who may have clicked the link in the last 24 hours.

For some unexplicable reason my guild has picked up and moved from Blogger to WordPress!

I don’t know why!!!

You can find their new (much prettier) site here.

Found the pic on Flickr.  Not sure exactly what the dude is trying to prove, but I bet Freud would have a field day with him.  Makes Blinkstrike look like a swizzle stick.

Shout-outs to all the Gnomeregan posse who have ensured that through continual exposure to their trade chat, that the name Blinkstrike is permanently etched into my brain and appears in flashing neon lights in my nightmares.

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Why on earth would I move my blog when I had such established traffic there?

  1. The Blogger template was really, really, really, REALLY beginning to annoy me.
  2. I am eminently familiar with the WordPress software because I run another blog with it that gets about a quarter of a million hits a year.
  3. My readers are smart enough to read the “This Blog Has Moved” post and find their way here.
  4. WordPress simply rocks.
  5. ‘gnomergweedo’ was no longer an accurate description of the content of the blog, since I am in the process of relocating to a new server.

Thanks for finding your way here!  I hope to have more content (and maybe a better theme) shortly!

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