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The names of all parties (except my own) have been altered to protect the identities of those involved.  Comments in italics are my outside comments, not part of the chat transcript.

[Chatter #1]  Can anybody tell me what the mats are for Belt of Blasting?
[Me]  ZOMG.  Like I don’t hear this six times a day. A gnome mage, three pieces of leather, a bottle of starter fluid, and a barbeque lighter.
[Chatter #2]  (Several seconds later, I think he only caught my comment and not the first one.) Ummmmm…. What is…. Thanksgiving Dinner, Alex?

ROFLMAO.  And yes folks… this happened on the Alliance side.  LOL.


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A source at Blizzard who prefers not to be named has leaked sensitive information to this blogger regarding a number of features in the upcoming Wrath Of The Lich King expansion.

Due to a less than inspiring response from the player population the Inscription profession has been yanked.  “We’re just not pleased with the response we’ve gotten from the player community and we’ve responded to this feedback in a way that we feel will be positive to our players and to the overall World of Warcraft experience”, our source says.

“Our feedback in the alpha and beta cycles also indicated that players are not completely pleased with the barbershop functionality which we intended to introduce to allow players to modify the appearance of their avatars.  Most of this displeasure — we feel — is because they feel the prices of haircuts are unfair and place an undue financial burden on players and on the economy as a whole”, the source continued.

“To solve both of these problems we are pleased to announce to Gweedo’s Place readers that Hairstyling will be the new profession in Wrath Of The Lich King.  Finally women will have an equal place in the game with a profession that is geared to them”, our source explained.

“We feel that introducing hairstyling as a profession will reduce lines in capital cities since hairstylists will be able to set up shop wherever they please whether it be in the middle of Farmer Saldean’s field, or pausing during a raid to give the main tank (male or female) a refreshing straight-razor shave”, our inside source explained as we were shown small screenshots of what some of the abilities may look like.

The haircut process, our source explains, will involve inserting your entire head into the “Will Not Be Traded” slot.  Budding hairstylists will then open their profession window, select the style, and apply it like an enchant.  How players will remove their heads to put them in the trade window has not yet been explained.

“As always, we feel that these changes demonstrate our committment to the player base, and we look forward to the response from our community on launch day.”

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Rogues Make The Best Lovers

I have to give the shout-out link for this fantastic article on why rogues make the best lovers.  Fantastic.

Of course, this is no secret that we make awesome lovers, but… this article backstabs puts the discussion to rest.

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Blinkstrike On Steroids

Apologies to those who may have clicked the link in the last 24 hours.

For some unexplicable reason my guild has picked up and moved from Blogger to WordPress!

I don’t know why!!!

You can find their new (much prettier) site here.

Found the pic on Flickr.  Not sure exactly what the dude is trying to prove, but I bet Freud would have a field day with him.  Makes Blinkstrike look like a swizzle stick.

Shout-outs to all the Gnomeregan posse who have ensured that through continual exposure to their trade chat, that the name Blinkstrike is permanently etched into my brain and appears in flashing neon lights in my nightmares.

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I spotted this awesome sight gag in Ironforge the other day.  I had to take a picture.  Who wants to bet there is a gnome hiding “inside” the tree.

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