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Can you tell I’m excited about the new blogging project?  I don’t think I’ve written this much in as short a time in over a year.

Ten minutes after I had the blog up and running Blizzard decided to bring Bloodhoof down for half an hour to fix a bug.  I figured this was God’s way of telling me I should take a few minutes to talk about my latest character development exercise.

When I came to Bloodhoof, I wasn’t sure if I was going to transfer characters from Gnomeregan or not.  At the moment it looks like I may transfer a few soon, but in the meantime I needed something to do so I tried to decide which class I had the least experience in.  The answer was obviously:  priest.

I’ve done healers before.  Hell, I got Nenianae to 70.  I have other healer characters that may be “off-spec” but I’ve only done a priest once — and it didn’t go too well.

So I made a dwarf priest and named him Wetnap.  I openly admit I stole the name from a forum post on funny names.  As the originator of the name pointed out, a wetnap is “the cleanest and the dirtiest of cloth”.  I loved it, so I stole it.

I’ve been grinding him for the last couple of days and already have him on the verge of hitting Level 19.

There seems to be a real shortage of priests (except maybe shadow priests) on just about every server I’ve been on.  Why do you suppose that is?  Aside from the “healing is boring” argument (which I totally don’t agree with) priests are quite obviously the most “squishy” of their healing brethren.  So how do you level with a class that “the experts” agree is so difficult to solo?  I have a few tips.

  • Get a wand.  Even if you hate wands, get one to start.  If you’re an enchanter as well you can make wands for cheap, cheap, cheap.  My usual mob-killing soloing strategy is Smite, Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain (sometimes not in that order), then Power Word: Shield and then wand them to death.  The time you spend “wanding” them gives your mana a chance to recover.
  • Get Spirit Tap — even if you’re not going to go Shadow.  It’s at the top of the Shadow talent tree and it’s a godsent for soloing.  When you finally get all five points into it, it will boost your spirit by 100% every time you kill a mob that yields experience.  Priests (in my opinion) should have spirit to begin with, so if you have a good amount of it, the Spirit Tap boost will help you immensely to regenerate your health and mana between fights.
  • Learn ALL your skills.  It may sound obvious, but it pains me when I see mages who don’t know how to summon mana gems, or druids who don’t realize they can cure poison.  The priest especially has a number of “countermeasure” skills that a lot of players overlook.  Keep Psychic Scream, Power Word: Shield, and Fade (which all have pretty fast cooldowns) close-by.  Yes, I said Fade.  Fade can save your buttocks when the tank loses agro.  Put it on a button you can reach.  The fewer times you die, the faster you level.

So far the priest experience has been very enjoyable for me.  I’ll keep you posted!


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