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Sad but true, lockpicking is another rogue skill that is greatly overlooked or completely ignored by the ADHD-afflicted segment of the population that is solely concerned with their DPS output.  (Now there’s a sentence I couldn’t have published back in “the old days”.  God I love not having somebody’s hand up my ass a boss.)

Lockpicking is so ignored by rogues in general that Blizzard added lockpicking in engineering and blacksmithing to try and compensate for the lack of rogues that develop and hone this skill.  Opening a lock with a profession requires materials though.  Doing it with a rogue requires nothing more than Thieve’s Tools, making rogues the cheaper and easier choice every time.  (That link gives you a list of vendors that sell the item, so if you’re a rogue and you don’t have a set, what’s stopping you?  It’s only 15s!)

There are a few things to remember and a few online resources to help you always keep your lockpicking maxed. (The lockpicking “cap” increases as you level.  So everytime you level, you need to pick more locks to get your skill up to your cap.)

  1. When you’re just getting started, find an engineer in your guild to make you some Practice Locks.  If they want to charge you an arm and a leg for them remind your engineer friend that they are single use.  Once you pop them once, they’re glorified vendor trash.
  2. If you can’t find an engineer (or they’re being anal about the price they want) make your way to Alther’s Mill in Redridge Mountains.  It’s that area down in the valley with the sawmill before you get to the gnolls and orcs.  If you walk into the mill there is a semi-circle of lockboxes on the floor.  Go nuts there and pick them over and over and over again until they’re grey for you.  Be on the lookout for Chatter when you’re here.  He’s a named rare spider that wanders around this area.  He’s a fun kill, but he has a rather annoying paralytic poison effect.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  He’s not easy unless you have a few levels on him.
  3. The chest in Westfall in the top of the tower where you do your poison quest (about 70,74) can get you to about 170-175.  Once you pick it, it respawns.  Unfortunately you’re going to have to deal with Klaven every once in a while, but by the time you’re a high enough level he shouldn’t be much of a pain.

By the time you get to this point, you should be firmly indoctrinated into using my pickpocketing macros I discussed in an earlier post.  I would think at this point that you would pickpocket enough junk boxes that you don’t need to seek out pickpocketing targets, they’ll come to you!

Pickpocketing is a valuable skill!  I sometimes make 1-10g tips for opening thorium lockboxes because there are so few rogues around who bother with the skill.

Rogues are money making machines if you push them to the extreme!  So why aren’t you doing it?


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Druid in duck form attempting to pickpocket while using Distract.

I posted this today in the rogue section of the forums for The Council Of The Sword.  I felt it had re-posting value.

Rogues have a wide variety of skills, and some of the more esoteric ones get overlooked. I know lots of rogues who “never bother” with learning to pick locks. Don’t even get me started on this one. Gweedo’s lockpicking is maxed, and it’s one of his most useful skills.

The other one that an even larger segment of the rogue population ignore is Pickpocketing. The moan ‘n groan I hear from rogues over and over again is “Why should I bother pickpocketing? I can’t make any money from it.” Sometimes they throw in a grunt about how difficult it is too. So basically they’re saying that the reward is not worth the effort, but I would like to prove otherwise. Over the course of seventy levels as a subtlety rogue, I’ve pickpocketed every humanoid I’ve killed since I learned the pickpocketing skill. Think about that for a second. Think about that “pitiful small amount” of money you made the time you tried it and decided it was worthless. Now multiply that by the average number of humanoids you kill in a level, and it becomes a big chunk of change.

And you get other stuff too! Besides money, you also get rogue poison reagents for FREE! (Packaged in handy boxes you can practice your lockpicking skill on, no less!) Free in-game means: Something you don’t have to spend money on, therefore, money you can spend on something else. (By the way, as a side note. If you’re a rogue and you don‘t use poison — even if you’re not assassination spec’ed, but especially if you are — you’re a moron. End of discussion.) You get other fun stuff too. Mostly vendor trash (more money), but if you’re a romantic try pickpocketing the undead near the Western Plaguelands flight point. You’ll get enough roses to last you through seven in-game wives. Trust me. I still have some banked.

*cough* Moving on….

The trick is, of course, a macro. Any “starting move” you have will need to be macro’ed. I will offer an example for Cheap Shot, but you can apply the same technique to Ambush or any other move you open with.

Create a new macro, give it a name, and pick the red question mark as your icon. Trust me on that one. You’ll see why in a minute.

These examples assume you have auto-loot turned on. You’re going to need to use auto-loot. In the macro box, you will need to type the following:

/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Cheap Shot

That’s it. Now drag it to an action button and be prepared to reap the rewards of pickpocketing! As you will see after the action bar has a chance to refresh, that #showtooltip on the top line replaced the red question mark with the icon for Cheap Shot, saving us a lot of time digging through the icon palette. (It also makes the Cheap Shot tooltip appear when you mouseover the action bar.)

You can do this for different opening moves by changing the ability on the last line. That’s all there is to it!

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