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Some of us have been scratching our head wondering what the heck those one-slot bags were for that were dropping in the Treat Bags we were getting from the innkeepers.  I had a few theories.  It turns out they were all wrong.

I have received reports (albeit unconfirmed) that you can combine sixteen of them together to make the (much more useful) 16-slot Pumpkin Bag.

You heard it here first.


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I have to admit to you, I haven’t been a very popular person in Westfall lately.  While all the little pvp wannabees have been bringing the contagion en masse from Booty Bay to Westfall, I’ve left Nenianae parked there — my level 70 resto shaman.

I have had more profanities launched at me in the last 48 hours than I have experienced in the last year.  Why?  Because I won’t allow a zombie epidemic in Westfall. But the kiddies don’t get it.  They don’t understand.  I’ve even had a few try to reason with me.  “Plz let people enjoy this event”, they beg.  But folks… it’s PvP.  And if Blizzard didn’t want me to kill them, they wouldn’t have made them auto-flag for PvP as soon as they turn into zombies.  And if Blizzard didn’t want me to cleanse people (and NPC’s) of the infection, they wouldn’t have given me a way to do it.

Let’s look further at what happens when the zombies overrun Westfall.  NPC’s are running around trying to infect more zombies.  So what does that accomplish?  It accomplishes a state in the zone where players who are uninterested in the whole zombie nonsense can’t level and can’t questAny other week of the year, this would be called “griefing” and be a GM ticketable offense.

So clearly there’s a problem here.  Blizzard created an event, and clearly Blizzard did not directly intend to cause disruption in the game.  So what’s the solution?  GO GRIEF THE OPPOSING FACTION! It’s a short ride from Booty Bay to Ratchet and then an even shorter ride to Crossroads.  Go infect somebody who will truly appreciate it… like a Tauren.  (Or vice versa if you’re a Horde.)

I’d really like to point the finger at Blizzard and say this is the stupidest idea they’ve ever had.  But I don’t think it’s Blizzard’s stupid idea.  It’s the way (some of) the players have interpreted it.

Don’t get all bent out of shape when the 70’s come for you.  We’re just trying to keep things friendly in the zone.

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I’ve never seen such a useless holiday gain such notoriety so quickly.

Today – as you may have heard – is Talk Like A Pirate Day.  This year, Blizzard has decided to do next-to-nothing to celebrate it, but hey — something is better than nothing and there’s always room for future improvement.

As you wander Azeroth and the Outlands today you will undoubtedly see tons of pirates and wonder who the fruitcake was who stockpiled the Hallowe’en wands from last year.  Well, sorry to let you down.  Hallowe’en loot was not involved in today’s phenomenan.

As far as I can tell the one and only thing you can do today (in celebration of this auspicious holiday) that you can’t do any other day of the year is walk up to a moderately well-hidden NPC and have them turn you into a pirate.  There’s no loot, no quests, and not even free drinks.  On the Blizzard scale of holiday events, this could rank lower than a zero.

Here’s how you find the NPC.

  1. Get your butt to Booty Bay.
  2. Make like you’re going to see Baron Revilgaz.  (He’s the one standing behind the Tauren on top of the bar).
  3. When you’re staring at the Baron, turn hard-left and you should be able to see a ramp that connects to the platform that the Horde flight master is standing on.
  4. From there, jump onto the adjoining roof and you should see an assortment of pirates “living it up”.
  5. Look for Dread Pirate Demeza and tell her you want to be a pirate.  She’ll change you into one and it won’t disappear (unless you click it off) for the rest of the day.

I’m sorry for my lack of enthusiasm for this event, but it just seems that this event is an “ok ok, here’s your pirate event, now shut up and go away” response from Blizzard.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it.

Update: I would add that if you have a little extra money kicking around and want to add flavour to today’s event, there is a “Pirate Supplies” vendor in the large building that is the first building you pass when you get off the boat from Ratchet.  You can buy an assortment of parrot pets from him quite inexpensively which will add credibility to your pirate attire.

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