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Cataclysm Impressions


Angry Cat Is Having A Pre-Cataclysm Aneurysm


Yeah.  I’ve heard the “voice of reason” in the chat channels.  The voice that proclaims to the disheartened that “it’s too early in the Cataclysm deployment to see the big picture” of what the changes in yesterday’s patch were in support of.

Screw the voice of reason, I’m pissed.  (But at least I’m consistent.)

  • I just replaced my desktop computer less than a month ago.  The new (to me) Mac ran pre-4.0.1 as smooth as glass.  Now when I get on a taxi it feels more like a coin-operated bed in a sleeze motel than a form of public transportation.  Was it really necessary to push the hardware boundaries that far?
  • I did an instance about two hours ago.  A warlock cast Ritual Of Souls and 80% of the instance members computers (representing Mac and PC clients) locked solid.  Nice programming skills.
  • My (incredible) girlfriend just started playing about a month ago.  Her exact words were that it feels like she has to learn to play all over again.  As for me, I have nine toons to respec (one dual) and figure out where all the #&@*(! buttons go and figure out how the three gazillion passive abilities work.  There is so little left of the original game that I feel a little like Jillian does.  It’s overwhelming.
  • Framerates suck.  Again, there should not have been that much of a change in the progression of one version.  I seem to recall a “tip” that used to show on the loading screen that said “Do all things in moderation, even World of Warcraft.”  Apparently their programming department don’t read their own tips.
  • Shamans got hosed.  My main is (was) a shaman, spec’ed as dual spec elemental/restoration.  Figuring out where the heck all my buttons went was only the beginning.  Next was finding out we can’t cure poison or diseases anymore.  Thanks Blizzard.  That will really add to our value as healers in five-man instances.  It’s not all about raiding you bunch of nerf-bat wielding jackwagons.  Plus the fact that my dps numbers “seem” way out of whack.  I’d be willing to accept that maybe the numbers got rolled back across the board, but from what I hear mages only need to blow on something to make it die.  Thanks for yanking Totem of Wrath too, Blizz.  That was a real morale booster when my dps was already low enough.
  • Has anybody else noticed that the new tooltips for the new spells and abilities in 4.0.1 really suck?  I mean they sound like they were written by someone on crack.  Go check them out sometime.  “This is really important, so you should use it a lot.”  Gee thanks Uncle Bliz.
  • I touched on this before, but having to respec nine characters is just wrong.  And if you’re going to be bungholes and make us do it, you should at least give us two respecs instead of one, because after doing three or four respecs we’re going to get fatigued and just push buttons to make the nightmare go away.  Yes morons, you created a nightmare.  And you need to take ownership for it.

On the plus side…

  • Protection paladins are dancing naked through Ironforge.  Apparently you don’t even need to wear gear anymore to be a protection paladin, and you don’t need to dual-spec as retribution either, because it’s redundant.  (That’s what I’ve heard.  I haven’t taken a hard look at the numbers but I ran Jillian through Stockades earlier and I sure couldn’t find any part of that hypothesis to argue with.)  Because we all know that paladins have never been over-powered and they need a class buff to be viable.
  • Warlocks get felguards at 20?  ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND? I mean… the warlocks love it, naturally.  Jillian took her lock to Redridge to do the sunfish quest and sent her felguard into the water.  It looked like the murloc version of Fight Club.  It was freaking obscene.  I was standing there (on the water) with my Level 80 shaman expecting to lend assistance, but I was little more than a member of the audience.  Because GOD KNOWS that WARLOCKS have never been-overpowered and they need a class buff to be viable.

Ok… so there isn’t really a positive side.

Or if there is, I haven’t found it.

What about you?


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