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I finally had my ADD under control enough that I could sit down and preview all the WordPress templates.  This one is not a LOT different than the one it replaces, but I like the way it treats pages better.  I also like that the blog name is outside the banner graphic, which means I can rotate the header graphics without having to go to the bother of titling them.

I’m not fond of the way it underlines graphics that are hyperlinked, but… you can’t have everything.


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When does the time go back an hour?  October?  Anyway.  I just realized the “clock” on WordPress was set to UTC.  While UK’ers might like that, it wasn’t doing much for me.


Sorry guys.  (And sorry for the spammy comments in the last article that I’m too undermotivated to delete.)

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I didn’t like the old template.  It was too blah, but I was too busy to go picking through them to see which one I liked.

We’ll stick with this one for a while.  In case anyone is curious, I edited the screenshot with Skitch for Mac OS.  (Let’s hope it stays free after the beta is over!)  That’s also what I used for the the screenshots in the gear article I posted on the Council of the Sword blog.

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