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Hey.  I’m back.  Remember me?

Sorry guys.  It’s been a rough and tumultuous year.  I took several months completely “off” (with my subscription stopped) and other months where it would be lucky for me to login 2-3 times a month.  It wasn’t a financial thing or an “I’m sick of the game” thing.  It was just that there was a lot going on in my life and I didn’t have a lot of time.  (Well ok, I was a little fed up with the instance problem a year ago (see previous post), but that’s not the reason I left…)

I’ve been playing again (on Bloodhoof) for about a month and with a wonderful sidekick.  I’m hoping I can lure her into writing a blurb here every once in a while.  We are milking the living daylights out of the Refer-A-Friend program.  In the space of a month she has about five or six toons, the “big one” is a level 53 priest, and I don’t think any of them are lower than 20.  “Alastrine” (the name of her priest) is rapidly learning the ropes and is turning into quite the WoW expert in a very short period of time.  (Last time I checked, she had more money on her main toon than I have on all of mine.)

So mostly I’ve wiped a bunch of old toons I didn’t use (mostly storage/bank alts) so I could make new toons to play with Alastrine’s new toons and the experience with Refer-A-Friend has been insane.  The levels come so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep yourself in “current” gear because after you play for an hour or two the gear is out of date.  (Plus, even when she’s up at 3am in insomniac mode, she grants me the levels I slept through.  Win-win.)

My one major beef with the Refer-A-Friend program is the new reward.  I don’t think it was very well thought out.  They are giving you a two-person flying mount usable in Outlands.  Great.  But if they’re going to reward you for recruiting a new player to the game, why wouldn’t they give you a land mount that you can use while you help level the younger character.

Cataclysm?  Yeah, sure.  But both of the computers we’re using here are kind of old and/or underpowered and I really don’t want to see the system requirements jump again.  It seems to me (I could be wrong) that my Mac Mini barely passed the system requirements check for Wrath last time.  Oh well.  We will cross our fingers and see.  A friend of mine just built a computer for about a grand Canadian that clocks at 200 fps.  It’s sick and disgusting and I hate him.  And I want one.  Playing on a machine with that kind of horsepower is ridiculous.  I saw accents and features in zones I had never noticed before.  And I’ve been playing almost since beta.

It’s really kind of fun playing with somebody who is  totally, legitimately new.  (Those are so few and far between these days.)  It really helps you see the awe and wonder of the game.  A few days ago we were in the Zoram Strand questing and she decided it would be faster to swim to Astranaar.  I went along with it, not really thinking but the long and the short of it was we ended up swimming all the way to Desolace before finding a place we could get back on-shore.  To our credit we only died once in the run from Tethris Aran to Nigel’s Point.  (I’m still shaking my head that we didn’t get nailed by any of those Naga swimming around in the water.)

But when it was done we’d had a good time, escaped death a half dozen times, and seen part of the “vanilla” world that Alastrine hadn’t seen before.  In my books that’s a win more than a raid drop, a moronically high gear score, or a list of fulfilled end-game achievements.

After some consideration, I think we’ve decided to bring Council Of The Sword back to life.  It had pretty much fizzled out and I was leery about putting the effort into it to bring it back to life.  We tried another guild but it didn’t really work for us.  So if you’re looking for a place to hang around and quest and “do what you want to do” without a lot of expectations, drop me a note either by e-mail or in-game to one of my alts.

That’s it for now.  Look forward to me posting more regularly.  I’ve been meaning to get back to this blog for weeks.  Sorry for the chatty “all-over-the-road” post.


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I didn’t move the blog.  Relax.  Seems only a few weeks ago we were suffering on Blogspot.  Those days are over, and despite the spammy mouseover links, I’m happy here and not going anywhere.


My server transfer has finally happened.  Gweedo and Nenianae are now Bloodhoof residents and members of the Council of the Sword.

Maybe I’ll bring more over later, but for now “the rest of the herd” are still on Gnomeregan and I may pop over there from time to time if I need a vacation.

Having said that, I’m really enjoying my time on Bloodhoof and if you’re looking for a “good home” for your characters, I can think of no better place than where I am!

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Blinkstrike On Steroids

Apologies to those who may have clicked the link in the last 24 hours.

For some unexplicable reason my guild has picked up and moved from Blogger to WordPress!

I don’t know why!!!

You can find their new (much prettier) site here.

Found the pic on Flickr.  Not sure exactly what the dude is trying to prove, but I bet Freud would have a field day with him.  Makes Blinkstrike look like a swizzle stick.

Shout-outs to all the Gnomeregan posse who have ensured that through continual exposure to their trade chat, that the name Blinkstrike is permanently etched into my brain and appears in flashing neon lights in my nightmares.

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Everybody is talking about how WoW is going through drought right now.  I can see where it’s coming from.  The usually populous Ironforge (on just about every server I’m on) is dead.

But there are good reasons for you to start playing WoW if you’re thinking about it and haven’t taken the plunge.

  1. The economy is SO inflated on most (if not all) servers that gathering professions will earn you ridiculous amounts of money.  I was given a total of about 20g by friends when I joined Bloodhoof last week.  In a week I’ve made that selling ore three times over.
  2. There are entire zones that are completely devoid of people right now.  Have you ever been playing an MMORPG and had to wait for a mob to spawn?  Go quest in Desolace.  I guarantee you… there will be nobody there.  (Yesterday I was on Bloodmyst Isle with a friend and watched a rare respawn three times, which makes me wonder whether the spawn rate for rares is based on load.)
  3. If you use me as your referral, I get a cool zhevra (zebra) to ride on!  Seriously, if you’re interested in playing, let me know.  I want one of these puppies so bad.

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Can you tell I’m excited about the new blogging project?  I don’t think I’ve written this much in as short a time in over a year.

Ten minutes after I had the blog up and running Blizzard decided to bring Bloodhoof down for half an hour to fix a bug.  I figured this was God’s way of telling me I should take a few minutes to talk about my latest character development exercise.

When I came to Bloodhoof, I wasn’t sure if I was going to transfer characters from Gnomeregan or not.  At the moment it looks like I may transfer a few soon, but in the meantime I needed something to do so I tried to decide which class I had the least experience in.  The answer was obviously:  priest.

I’ve done healers before.  Hell, I got Nenianae to 70.  I have other healer characters that may be “off-spec” but I’ve only done a priest once — and it didn’t go too well.

So I made a dwarf priest and named him Wetnap.  I openly admit I stole the name from a forum post on funny names.  As the originator of the name pointed out, a wetnap is “the cleanest and the dirtiest of cloth”.  I loved it, so I stole it.

I’ve been grinding him for the last couple of days and already have him on the verge of hitting Level 19.

There seems to be a real shortage of priests (except maybe shadow priests) on just about every server I’ve been on.  Why do you suppose that is?  Aside from the “healing is boring” argument (which I totally don’t agree with) priests are quite obviously the most “squishy” of their healing brethren.  So how do you level with a class that “the experts” agree is so difficult to solo?  I have a few tips.

  • Get a wand.  Even if you hate wands, get one to start.  If you’re an enchanter as well you can make wands for cheap, cheap, cheap.  My usual mob-killing soloing strategy is Smite, Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain (sometimes not in that order), then Power Word: Shield and then wand them to death.  The time you spend “wanding” them gives your mana a chance to recover.
  • Get Spirit Tap — even if you’re not going to go Shadow.  It’s at the top of the Shadow talent tree and it’s a godsent for soloing.  When you finally get all five points into it, it will boost your spirit by 100% every time you kill a mob that yields experience.  Priests (in my opinion) should have spirit to begin with, so if you have a good amount of it, the Spirit Tap boost will help you immensely to regenerate your health and mana between fights.
  • Learn ALL your skills.  It may sound obvious, but it pains me when I see mages who don’t know how to summon mana gems, or druids who don’t realize they can cure poison.  The priest especially has a number of “countermeasure” skills that a lot of players overlook.  Keep Psychic Scream, Power Word: Shield, and Fade (which all have pretty fast cooldowns) close-by.  Yes, I said Fade.  Fade can save your buttocks when the tank loses agro.  Put it on a button you can reach.  The fewer times you die, the faster you level.

So far the priest experience has been very enjoyable for me.  I’ll keep you posted!

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