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The Big Book 'O Names

One of the great things about my transition from Blogger to WordPress are the awesome stats they provide for me in the back end.  Yeah, that sounded dirty, but what I mean is they provide statistical information on everything from what articles you guys read the most, to what websites linked to me, and all sorts of other interesting stuff.  Frankly it’s easy to see when content goes over really well with you guys (like the day last week when we shattered the site’s daily hit record by a factor of three) or when it flops and I really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed that morning.  Fortunately the latter doens’t happen very often.

The one thing that is painfully clear from the statistics at this point is that you folks are all about names.  World of Warcraft players are all about names, whether they be guild names, character names, or PvP team names.  When you think about it, it makes sense.  Picking a name for your character — for example — may take longer than playing the first three levels.  Sure you could do what some morons do and roll your face across the keyboard and be known as “Jjklilkmnq” for the rest of your WoW life, but most of you — from the data I’ve seen — spend a lot of time researching the names you use in-game.

I’ve never been one to choose the “Jjkilkmnq” route.  I’ve often been told I pick good names, I’ve even had a few people ask me to pick names for them.  Here are a few names I’ve used over time and how I came about picking them.  Quite often it’s not about finding the name you want online, but about realizing how to find it or determine it yourself.



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