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frameYo. Design team. I can’t believe you guys didn’t think of this one yourself. At least I’m pretty sure you didn’t. I’ve browsed through the options screen at least two or three times and I haven’t found it, so I’m pretty sure you haven’t.

I used to have a job in my old guild as an event photographer. See… nobody wants to have to coordinate the pressing of the screenshot button with “the moment” of dinging 70, or 80, or any other really big achievement. Still, people want a picture to commemorate those big achievements, and the easiest way – by far – is to get someone else to do it. Especially if you can coordinate on voicechat.

Since you guys implemented the whole achievement system… (I’ll pause here for a minute so all you programming geeks can have your Eureka moment.)

Screenshots DO lag some computers, so it’s gotta be an option. But for those with fast processors and hard disks, wouldn’t it be great if there was an option to automatically take a screenshot every time you make an achievement? If the screenshot included the little achievement blurb at the bottom, it would be absolutely awesome. (Perhaps those with slower computers could have sub-options to select the categories of achievements they want to screenshot.)

Bliz boys, I just can’t believe you guys didn’t think of this yourselves. Better hurry. I’m pretty sure I hear an add-on developer racing to his text editor as we speak.


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