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wrath-of-the-lich-kingJust a smattering of random thoughts, impressions, and experiences from the last day or so that are Lich King related.

  1. If you don’t want to suffer on launch day, come to Canada.  I hit Wal*Mart at about 1:30 pm, shortly after lunch yesterday.  Not only were there no lines, but there were hundreds — maybe thousands — of copies.  This is the same as the experience we had with Burning Crusade.  Don’t ask me why American retailers suck.  They just do.
  2. A lot of people have asked me, both before and since the launch, what the first thing was that I intended to do after I had the expansion installed.  Yes, I made a Death Knight as soon as the game was loaded, but I didn’t play him immediately.  Most of yesterday — for me — was spent doing two things.  Gweedo fished a lot and upgraded his cooking and fishing skills.  Nanoo went on a scenic tour of the bottom half of Northrend, sightseeing and picking up flight points to connect the Borean Tundra to the Howling Fjord.  I wanted to know where all the flight points were so I could find them again later.  Some of them are really well hidden.  I found this article really helpful, as painful as it is for me to link them — at least you-know-who wasn’t the author.
  3. I did eventually play my Death Knight, a little last night and a lot more this morning.  Yes, it was fun.  But I’m not sure I’m keeping him.  It just doesn’t fit my playstyle.
  4. Northrend is gorgeous.  400% more gorgeous than Outlands on its best day.  I particularly enjoyed exploring Grizzly Hills and taking the “ski lift” down to the island of Kamagua.  Maybe it’s just because I’m Canadian, but Northrend feels like home and I love it.  If Blizzard ever let me build player housing in Grizzly Hills, I’d never leave my house.
  5. TIP: If you hear people talking about “moose”, they’re really talking about shoveltusks.  This only proves to me that 80% of Americans have no idea what a moose looks like.
  6. Everything is so damn expensive.  35g to train grand master professions?  Eeeeek.  I’m gonna be running dailies for the rest of my life.  My entire family of toons is nearly broke just from the training I did yesterday.  I’m hoping that Northrend starts to put back into my pocket some of the money it’s taking out.

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I have to admit to you, I haven’t been a very popular person in Westfall lately.  While all the little pvp wannabees have been bringing the contagion en masse from Booty Bay to Westfall, I’ve left Nenianae parked there — my level 70 resto shaman.

I have had more profanities launched at me in the last 48 hours than I have experienced in the last year.  Why?  Because I won’t allow a zombie epidemic in Westfall. But the kiddies don’t get it.  They don’t understand.  I’ve even had a few try to reason with me.  “Plz let people enjoy this event”, they beg.  But folks… it’s PvP.  And if Blizzard didn’t want me to kill them, they wouldn’t have made them auto-flag for PvP as soon as they turn into zombies.  And if Blizzard didn’t want me to cleanse people (and NPC’s) of the infection, they wouldn’t have given me a way to do it.

Let’s look further at what happens when the zombies overrun Westfall.  NPC’s are running around trying to infect more zombies.  So what does that accomplish?  It accomplishes a state in the zone where players who are uninterested in the whole zombie nonsense can’t level and can’t questAny other week of the year, this would be called “griefing” and be a GM ticketable offense.

So clearly there’s a problem here.  Blizzard created an event, and clearly Blizzard did not directly intend to cause disruption in the game.  So what’s the solution?  GO GRIEF THE OPPOSING FACTION! It’s a short ride from Booty Bay to Ratchet and then an even shorter ride to Crossroads.  Go infect somebody who will truly appreciate it… like a Tauren.  (Or vice versa if you’re a Horde.)

I’d really like to point the finger at Blizzard and say this is the stupidest idea they’ve ever had.  But I don’t think it’s Blizzard’s stupid idea.  It’s the way (some of) the players have interpreted it.

Don’t get all bent out of shape when the 70’s come for you.  We’re just trying to keep things friendly in the zone.

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