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northrendHey, there was an expansion a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t you hear? Like everybody else, I’ve been knee-deep in Northrend for a little while. Sorry I’ve been out-of-touch.

Most of you know I had three 70’s the day the expansion hit. I remembered hearing somewhere that the Horde were starting at one end of Northrend and the Alliance were starting at the other. What happened to that? I thought all the Alliance boats were going to the same place. Apparently that plan changed. So my strategy so far has been to start Nanoo on the east end (Howling Fjord) and Nanoo on the west end (Borean Tundra) and just get groups with Nenianae wherever I can since she’s not a really great solo’er. So far it’s worked out pretty well except for some Lightheaded/Tomtom incompatibility that seems to have ironed itself out.

I’ve done Utgarde Keep twice (once on Nanoo and once on Nenianae) and Nexus once with Nanoo. Poor Gweedo hasn’t seen the inside of an instance yet. Utgarde Keep didn’t inspire me a lot, but I really enjoyed Nexus even though the layout was really weird. My recommendation to you if you’re planning on running Nexus is to bring high-powered AoE with you. Those little respawning plant thingies I forget the name of are an enormous pain in the ass. They kept gangbanging our priest who died at least twice just because we couldn’t keep track of them and they kept attacking from behind. If I was able to herd them together into a tight group I found I could kill them with about two-and-a-half volleys. Probably a “real” AoE class could wipe them a lot more easily — but we didn’t have one of those.

I really wanted to tame one of those “bald eagles” as a pet for Nanoo and I finally did. I thought the ones in Grizzly Hills were level 71, so I worked like a dog to get to 71 and found out they were 72. Luckily I found out from good ‘ole Petopia that there are level 71 birds of prey that use the exact same model in Howling Fjord. What Petopia didn’t tell me was that taming one was going to be a lesson in repeated death. To find yourself one of these white-headed predators, you wander over to the area where you did the falconry quests. If you turn on track beasts, you will see little agro-neutral yellow dots wandering around. Some of them will be perched on little rock formations. Those aren’t the ones you want. Those are the males, which do not have the white heads. To find one of the females — a matriarch — you have to wander over to the cliff area where the dwarves are, but a little farther north. The females roost in the cliffs. So essentially you have to walk right up as close to the edge of the cliff as you can and look down to see if you can spot one, and try to tame it. I got lucky and one of them saw me and decided to try to peck my eyes out. (The females are hostile, not like the males.) Of course in the process of taming, I fell off the cliff. It’s a long way down. I really recommend you wait for the Imperial Eagles in Grizzly Hills if you want a bald eagle BUT if you can’t wait (like I couldn’t) it might be a good idea to bring a Parachute Cloak.

Two of my three “major” toons are hearthed in Dalaran already. Sure you can get a summon. Sure you can get a mage portal. But the cheap and easy way is just to join a BG group with the leader in Dalaran. Then either do the BG, or just /afk out of it. Then you’ll be returned to the battlemaster where the group leader entered the queue That’s how both of my toons got there.

Hope to have more impressions of more instances in the near future!


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