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One of the things that bugs me in World of Warcraft in general is how people just don’t learn how to interpret stats at all.  It just blows my mind how many people are completely clueless about how stats influence their class.  I can understand someone asking for an opinion between two items in guild chat if it’s a really tough choice, but there are people on every server I’ve played on that rely solely on trade chat “experts” to tell them which gear to keep and which gear to dispose of.

The power is now in your hands to make these decisions, thanks to Wowhead.com if you’ll just reach out (or tab out) and use it.  Building on the success of their weighting system that I blogged about a while ago, they have now made an item comparison tool.  This tool allows you to select any two (or even more) items and compare them based on the stats in a given weight scale.

Let’s say for the sake of example that I have a level 70 beast mastery hunter.  (Oh wait, I do!)  Anyway, let’s assume for the sake of example that I have Valanos’ Longbow equipped, but there are a couple of ranged weapons in the guild bank, a Crystalpine Stinger and a Precisely Calibrated Boomstick.  I would search for the Longbow, and click the big brown “Compare” button at the top of the item page.

Then I’d click the “Item” link with the green plus sign beside it, and add the Crystalpine Stinger and the Precisely Calibrated Boomstick to the comparison.  But we’re not done yet!  You still have to tell Wowhead on what basis you wish to compare the items, and this is where you’re going to add one of the weight scales I discussed in the earlier blog entry about searching for gear for your category.  So for this comparison, of course, we’re going to specify a beast mastery hunter weight scale by clicking the “Weight Scale” link with the green plus sign beside it and specifying the class and build.

Did you see what just happened there when you finished selecting the weight scale?  Another column appeared at the top of the comparison called “Score”.  It shows that the Longbow I already had is the best item for me at this time.  The Boomstick – even though it’s epic quailty – does not have the stats I need as a beast mastery hunter.  Go back and read that last sentence again.  The crossbow is useless (in comparison) because it has no stats at all other than raw damage (and it doesn’t even come close anyway).

This is just another reason why Wowhead is my favourite database site, they code these wonderful, really helpful web tools.

Now if only we could program the motivation into some players to use them.


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