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I’ve taken a liking to Burning Crusade heroics lately.  Don’t ask me why.  Maybe it could possibly be because I’m sick of running Utgarde 30+ times in a row on my Level 71 Dwarf Holy Priest.  Yeah, that could be it.  Anyway, I’ve been running a lot of BC heroics lately to break the monotony.  Most of the time I find that most of the players doing heroics are in the high 60’s and appreciate a higher-level healer who can basically heal the instance with one hand tied behind his back.

So today I logged in, hit the random instance thingy, and ended up in heroic Blood Furnace.  NOT a difficult instance.  Even though Wetnap is dual-spec as shadow, I queued as healing exclusively because I don’t really love shadow all that much.  The moment of the first pull, I saw a binding heal fly over my right shoulder toward the tank.  I took a second look at the unit frames and sure enough, I was designated as the healer.  Meanwhile this “other” priest was going to town with his holy spells.  I spoke up after the pull and pointed out that I had queued to be healer.  The response was “So?”  Ok ok.  I get the hint.  I sat down and switched to shadow and drank up and the tank made another pull.  We wiped.  We reformed, took another stab at it, and we wiped again — less than five minutes from the previous wipe and no further into the instance.

Now… I won’t reveal the name of the player… but let’s just say that from the name he chose, he obviously took great pride in being a healer.  I thought to myself “How could this guy suck this much and have a name like that?”  I pondered silently switching back to holy but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and the “absence of purple” would be a definite tip-off.  One of the other players suggested trying two healers.  I agreed and switched back to holy very quickly.  The other healer asked if I wanted to be the “main” healer so he could “do a little dps”.  I quickly agreed, and the tank made another pull.  We only had two other deaths for the entire instance, and not a single wipe.

By about the fifth or sixth pull I was starting to get a fat head.  I was still wondering how badly this guy could possibly suck.  Since he was doing a little bit of healing as well, I kept an eye on things, but tabbed out to a browser and looked him up on WoWarmory.com.

  • His spellpower was a little higher.
  • His spell crit was a lot higher.
  • His item level was a good chunk higher.
  • His mana pool was probably twice as deep as mine, but he kept running out of mana and I didn’t.
  • He was discipline, I was holy.

This is the reason why I tell people SKILL OVER GEAR. This boob had ALL the toys.  He had every priest toy imaginable.  He was a walking priest jewelry store.

But he couldn’t heal to save his dieing mother’s life!  (Or in this case, the dieing tank’s life.)

So after the tank walked into a fist and we almost wiped and I saved the day, I started to get cocky.  This is a bad thing.  I sent the tank a somewhat tongue-in-cheek message explaining how badly I felt for showing this fool up, when he was obviously very proud of his non-existant healing skills.  Then I looked up and spun on my heel and started to read nameplates.  Three of them (including the tank and the healer) were in the same guild.


The tank started to rip me a new one.  He wanted me to explain my comment.  I told him that his friend just didn’t have the healing output to sustain a heroic.  “He’s in my guild!”, he protested.  “I don’t care if he wears Mickey Mouse ears on raids”, I replied.  I was waiting to be kicked out the group, but for some reason I wasn’t.

Always check name plates before shooting your mouth.  LOL.


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