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Installing Interface Addons

Yes folks, it’s true. On the eve of the second expansion of World of Warcraft I still know people who are addon virgins. To me it’s unfathomable. I don’t know how to survive without at least a few basic addons. First of all, let’s dispel some rumours that are very false.

  1. Addons are illegal and will get my account suspended. FALSE. This is the one I hear from people all the time. Just about anything you download from Curse or any of the other big addon sites will not get your account banned. If addons were illegal, the addon maintenance panel in the character selection screen wouldn’t exist.
  2. Addons are cheats. Addons are for lazy players. FALSE. While there are some addons like Lightheaded and Questhelper that help you find quest objectives, it’s nothing you can’t find yourself by tabbing out to a web browser and looking it up on a database site. Blizzard has in fact gone to great lengths in recent memory to block certain addons that it felt were making life too easy for people. Most addons just make information easier to find, or display it in a more appealing way or help you do something that’s difficult to do with the default UI.
  3. Addons are hard to install. FALSE. If you can double-click a mouse, and drag ‘n drop, you can install an addon. See the tutorial below.
  4. Addons only work with Windows. FALSE. The same addons work with both versions of World of Warcraft.

I wrote this tutorial in the forums of my guild. I hope you find it useful.



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You’ve all seen bonus to healing and bonus to damage.  Well.  I was trying to get a friend of mine to collaborate on the last post but he was slow in responding.  Arguably, his ideas were better than mine, so… here are an additional four things to do on maintanence day:

  1. Read a good WoW rogue blog.  (He’s always kissing ass.)
  2. Write that love note to that special in-game friend that you’ve been meaning to write.  (Borley, if I get any love notes and/or Red Roses from you, you’re dead meat.)
  3. Write that hate mail to Blizzard that you’ve been meaning to write.  (5000g on the Alliance side of Bloodhoof will get you Borley’s home address that you can put on the return address of your letter so you don’t get your account suspended.)
  4. In anticipation of Wrath Of The Lich King, ask your boss for November 13th off, go stock up on Mountain Dew, and buy yourself a bedpan because you know you’re not going anywhere that day.

Thanks to Borley for his help!

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I really hate maintenance day.  I don’t know why they have to do it when a lot of us would like to be playing.  Does Blizzard in it’s multi-billion dollar goodness not have the financial cootchies to hire engineers who will work in the middle of the night when the load would be lower?  Could they not rotate so half the servers are worked on one week, and half the next?  There are at least a dozen ways they could do it that are better than the way they’re doing it, but that’s not the point of this post.

The point of this post is, as the title says “The Top Ten Things To Do On Maintenance Day”.  So here we go.  From the secret gnome office in the sweat shop under the Tailoring Trainer in Silvermoon City… The Top Ten Things To Do On Maintenance Day.

  1. Check for addon updates.  Patch or no patch, Tuesdays are a great time to make sure your stuff is up-to-date.  Especially the non-Ace2 stuff that may not update with your add-on updaters.
  2. Catch up on your blogs in your RSS reader.
  3. Read Julian’s terrifying mini-review of Spore.  (Prepare to be unsettled.)
  4. Think up the next four character names you’re going to use and scribble them down on a (real or virtual) post-it note (as per yesterday’s post.)
  5. Transfer your toons to Bloodhoof, because anywhere else is just a waste.  (Intelligent Horde players are especially welcomed, because the batch we have are dumber than rocks.)
  6. Brewfest! Get on the horn, get on your instant messenger, telephone, telegraph whatever and find four other people who kick ass and plan to go to Blackrock Depths tonight to score phat epic lootz.  If you are wondering where all those kodos you’re seeing in Ironforge are coming from, it’s Corin Direbrew in BRD.  The Instance calls him “moderately pug’able”.  Enough said.
  7. E-mail Brolden and tell him he’s a redneck.
  8. Catch up on the episodes of The Guild that you missed.
  9. This space intentionally left blank.
  10. HEY!  It’s almost 2 o’clock!  Get your butt in game!

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The Big Book 'O Names

One of the great things about my transition from Blogger to WordPress are the awesome stats they provide for me in the back end.  Yeah, that sounded dirty, but what I mean is they provide statistical information on everything from what articles you guys read the most, to what websites linked to me, and all sorts of other interesting stuff.  Frankly it’s easy to see when content goes over really well with you guys (like the day last week when we shattered the site’s daily hit record by a factor of three) or when it flops and I really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed that morning.  Fortunately the latter doens’t happen very often.

The one thing that is painfully clear from the statistics at this point is that you folks are all about names.  World of Warcraft players are all about names, whether they be guild names, character names, or PvP team names.  When you think about it, it makes sense.  Picking a name for your character — for example — may take longer than playing the first three levels.  Sure you could do what some morons do and roll your face across the keyboard and be known as “Jjklilkmnq” for the rest of your WoW life, but most of you — from the data I’ve seen — spend a lot of time researching the names you use in-game.

I’ve never been one to choose the “Jjkilkmnq” route.  I’ve often been told I pick good names, I’ve even had a few people ask me to pick names for them.  Here are a few names I’ve used over time and how I came about picking them.  Quite often it’s not about finding the name you want online, but about realizing how to find it or determine it yourself.


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Rogues Make The Best Lovers

I have to give the shout-out link for this fantastic article on why rogues make the best lovers.  Fantastic.

Of course, this is no secret that we make awesome lovers, but… this article backstabs puts the discussion to rest.

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I’ve never seen such a useless holiday gain such notoriety so quickly.

Today – as you may have heard – is Talk Like A Pirate Day.  This year, Blizzard has decided to do next-to-nothing to celebrate it, but hey — something is better than nothing and there’s always room for future improvement.

As you wander Azeroth and the Outlands today you will undoubtedly see tons of pirates and wonder who the fruitcake was who stockpiled the Hallowe’en wands from last year.  Well, sorry to let you down.  Hallowe’en loot was not involved in today’s phenomenan.

As far as I can tell the one and only thing you can do today (in celebration of this auspicious holiday) that you can’t do any other day of the year is walk up to a moderately well-hidden NPC and have them turn you into a pirate.  There’s no loot, no quests, and not even free drinks.  On the Blizzard scale of holiday events, this could rank lower than a zero.

Here’s how you find the NPC.

  1. Get your butt to Booty Bay.
  2. Make like you’re going to see Baron Revilgaz.  (He’s the one standing behind the Tauren on top of the bar).
  3. When you’re staring at the Baron, turn hard-left and you should be able to see a ramp that connects to the platform that the Horde flight master is standing on.
  4. From there, jump onto the adjoining roof and you should see an assortment of pirates “living it up”.
  5. Look for Dread Pirate Demeza and tell her you want to be a pirate.  She’ll change you into one and it won’t disappear (unless you click it off) for the rest of the day.

I’m sorry for my lack of enthusiasm for this event, but it just seems that this event is an “ok ok, here’s your pirate event, now shut up and go away” response from Blizzard.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it.

Update: I would add that if you have a little extra money kicking around and want to add flavour to today’s event, there is a “Pirate Supplies” vendor in the large building that is the first building you pass when you get off the boat from Ratchet.  You can buy an assortment of parrot pets from him quite inexpensively which will add credibility to your pirate attire.

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I finally had my ADD under control enough that I could sit down and preview all the WordPress templates.  This one is not a LOT different than the one it replaces, but I like the way it treats pages better.  I also like that the blog name is outside the banner graphic, which means I can rotate the header graphics without having to go to the bother of titling them.

I’m not fond of the way it underlines graphics that are hyperlinked, but… you can’t have everything.

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